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Webwright's Notes

This page is the Webwright's informal Notebook of Office.

If you do any of these things, please move the entry from the to-do list to "what's changed recently". New entries go at the top of lists.

To-do list

  1. Mobile theme for site (after Drupal 7). Would like: main/left menu moved to across the top; right-hand blocks vanish (they're supplementary), posts with teasers go to title-only (quicker scrolling), lose populace image at top of front page, simplify banner/artwork - visually similar, but simple/short.
  2. Separate front page section for "on this day" posts
  3. Forms: add bunking question: need CPAP/power/disabled-access/bottom bunk etc?
  4. Integrate officer pages/terms with static pages; improve navigation in group resources
  5. Lose the teasers on the /journal view?
  6. Links to new officer material on static pages (e.g. to herald on /heraldry); new "what's new" blocks on some pages?
  7. From Ian - suggestion from a newer member that an SCA glossary would be useful; include event names and types (e.g. define "Hastilude" - historical context and meaning in SCA).
  8. Scan old copies of The Read and add to website (minus personal details)
  9. Teacher form: add prerequisites, and add option for "not actively participating" to max numbers field
  10. Add out-of-garb photos to portrait gallery, to send to newcomers 
  11. Library/book reviews - may need new content-type (or just taxonomy). Encourage populace to write short reviews of SCA-relevant books that they own and are willing to have other members of the group use (whether by borrowing or visiting to consult). Need either user-generated tagging, or a reasonably complete taxonomy (look at what libraries/museums use?)
  12. Patrick requests - awards on main menu, not linked of heraldry page (consider - not sure)
  13. Officer "lineages" on website. Patrick is working on it. 
  14. Webform idea from Patrick: submissions as nodes, view as a table with only sign-in info, print that - it becomes the sign-in sheet. Additional thought (KW) - allows click-sorting tables, for ease in identifying, say, people will dietary reqs at a given meal. Might be an alternative to extra layers of conditionality on current form. (Drupal 7?). KW - experiment with doing this just using the results downloaded as a spreadsheet
  15. Sigil for quartermaster for contacts page.
  16. imagery for FB group that's similar to that on this site
  17. "" - to go to all the NZ chatelaines (or contact, info, or whatever)(David)
  18. Tourney results page off Combat page: date, style, list of entrants, winner? - have asked on lists if people want it, begun making it (May 2013)
  19. History etc of our device on Heraldry page (last asked 2013, try again)
  20. List of other places we have a web presence (e.g. Gathering Darkness, FB). Ludwig has list, add to site.
  21. Steward info: update processes, add links/references to online info, cloning bids, webforms, etc
  22. Swap from direct link to songbooks to link to link to songbooks (so I only have one to change when the file changes name or moves)
  23. Stock Photo Gallery - Get standard portrait shots (one or several) for use on contacts page, and for event-contacts for visitors; look through galleries for standard "nice" shots of a range of activities, for use across website (e.g. putting together a pretty event-site with minimal fuss)
  24. Copyright - need blanket policy for site - discussed at January 2013 meeting, and again 2015- i.e. "if you put your personal stuff here, it's under this license" - I favour Creative Commons CC0 or CC-BY - continue to discuss with membership, contributors. See minutes and archives of council list for details of discussion and plans for implementation. Katherine to put together words, then consult.
  25. Booking URL as a field

Recurring tasks

  • Monthly
    • Report to group
    • Check calendar for conflicts, 3 months ahead, load stories/cancellations in advance
    • Check Pegasus and Lochac calendar - our events listed accurately
  • Quarterly
    • Report to kingdom
    • summary of report to council list/website
    • Review "to-do" list
  • Yearly, after first two years: advertise role, pass on or apply for renewal (done Dec 2014)
  • For each new officer or steward
    • Officer/steward has login
    • Officer/steward knows responsibilities (see "webwrights notes" on "officer pages")
    • Officer/steward is offered basic training
    • Update: rep tags, email alias, contact page etc.
    • Signatory and account info updates (done for April 2013 change of reeve and signatories)
  • Occasionally/as-required (date last done)
    • Check newcomer material (last done April 2013)
    • Check all static pages (April '13)
    • Invite populace to have people page (Sept '15)
    • Invite populace to have login (Sept '15)
    • Invite populace to join council list (Sept '15)
    • Send membership of council list to council list (April '14)
    • get list of where all @ildhafn email aliases go from David 
  • When opportunity arises: ask for feedback about website, especially how easy it is to find, use, and understand, especially from:
    • new members
    • members of other re-enactment groups
    • random contacts from e.g. journalists
    • established members who don't use the website much


  • Stuff from here propagates to FB automatically
  • Booking forms talk to registry? (e.g. membership current?)
  • Webforms: add module to automatically close webforms on given date - available for D7, but not D6 (David).
  • fix sort order on "what's up" block on front page - need to be able to sort by the next date coming up on a list of recurring dates
  • Spellcheck
  • Photos in content - control where/how they wrap and where they don't (e.g. contacts page)(div?)
  • Gallery - tag albums as related to a given event, in the same way we tag other content. Can bodge this by including a story with a link to the gallery.
  • Sign-in sheets - extract names and membership numbers from webforms? (Patrick to investigate). Alternative: pre-done generic sign-in with names and numbers for regular attendees in place; steward deletes whoever isn't coming to a given event.
  • Webforms - the ability to customise what's displayed in the submissions list  - I'd like to add "real name" and "sca name" (from the form) and lose IP address
  • Webforms - calculate prices
  • Gallery - figure out how to make the order in which albums display easier to follow
  • Quarterly reports - add quarterly reporting dates to calendar display. I'm not sure why this isn't working already. [David - I think we need to use the same field type across Events and Reports]


  • Certain pages won't clone (rather, the clone won't save). The problem seems to be with links contained within tables. Solution: clone, remove links in all tables, save, replace links.
  • Blog entries promoted to front page won't expire automatically - uncheck "promote to front page" after an appropriate period
  • Views/content-type: note to self: if you change the name of a content type, taxonomy term, etc, you need to update the views that use it
  • HTML in defaults for fields - (e.g. music page backlinks) - can enter html/links when the field is created, but can't edit it - have to delete field and replace, and manually replace it on all previously created content. Tried to make a default for "clefs" (using svgs to display visually) and can't do it at all. Update: can no longer alter "allowed" values on fields at all (possibly because I've already entered values in some of them?).
  • Calendar - key display is odd - can't get it to display key to all event-types/locations at once - add one and it drops another [known bug, not likely to be fixed any time soon]
  • Replacement tags - don't display correctly at /regular-activities (correct in pages for individual activities). Put all tags below teaser on regular activities.
  • Exception to dates - exceptions/additions to regular activity dates clock back by one calendar day every time you edit them (only in daylight saving?)(David - I think it's this bug) Addition: this is getting screwier (Feb 2014)
  • Filtered HTML - not a bug, just a troubleshooting note. If there's an issue with anchors, justification, alignment of images, indents (or ???) switch to full html. Should be less of a problem now -I've largely switched defaults to full html.


 What's changed recently

Some time in... 2017?

  • Drupal 7

September 2015

  • added "on this day" to blog taxonomy; will alter view so the posts recur annually

(some stuff I forgot to write down here, including a foolish promise to Kingdom Web to report in the medium of dance ... yet to be fulfilled, alas not forgotten)

Jan 2015

  • Link back to main event page from webform opens in new tab.
  • Links from "other pages about this event" open in new tab, by default. See May Crown. Esp. important for links off a webform. 
  • Event pages - event-specific menus on right-hand side. Done for May Crown, available for future events. View that shows all pages with that event taxonomy, as block. Then block for all pages that have that taxonomy (thanks, David, for doing the php).

Dec 2014

  • Webforms - fields that can be edited only by e.g. steward, so "paid/not paid" etc can be present already in spreadsheet (use: private fieldset, with collapsible display, collapsed by default: visible/editable only by those with results access. For extra privacy, hide label - no way to access without editing form component). May be able to do this more elegantly.
  • Webforms - overhauled "large event" webform for May Crown. Esp. admin section: "Secret Steward Files" (see above) and separate event-attendance questions for each age bracket, so that analysis accurately tells you how many people in each price bracket are at each portion of event (e.g. meals: makes final meal-budget calculation easy)
  • NOTE: NEW "TEMPLATE" WEBFORM based on May Crown form, *before* we made most of the Crown-specific changes. Use this for future events (though there are a few more nice changes in the Crown form to add too). 

October/November 2014

  • added generic (no specific category) blog posts to "recent updates" list, to accommodate Ludwig's "on this day" posts
  • Eleanor et al began work on standards for who we allow on the FB group, so admins act consistently
  • new admins for FB group: Bridge and Max
  • monday music posts now regular (thanks to Katherine of Glastonbury)

April 2014

  • Quarterly reports on "how to" page
  • Herald and Webwright office-page now sticky, so they'll be at the top of the taxonomy/term/[office] view. Will do for other officers if other officers start using the tags more
  • Added to list of regular duties (membership to council list, email aliases from David, moved "getting feedback" there from to-do list)
  • Changed taxonomy/term/% view: it's now title, date and name only; people weren't using teasers consistently, so I've lost them. Consider doing likewise with the /journal/% view.
  • Updated the copyright page (now called "about this site") to better adhere to SCANZ publishing policy (improved/added statements on privacy, disclaimer, etc; added section on access - who has it and how to get it).
  • Taxonomy for office; used for quarterly report summaries, but also, e.g. herald's ongoing notes on submissions
  • Officer report summaries (at seneschal's requests). New content type for summaries of quarterly reports, so automatic propagation/sorting is possible.

March 2014

  • We passed 1000 nodes!
  • Offered (with W de C) class on website for April Collegium
  • Added list of info web requires from steward to generate/update an event booking form.
  • New forms, for collegium; including "teacher form" - probably worth re-using for later classes. (See above for desirable changes)

Feb 2014

  • New content type for summaries of quarterly reports - still in progress
  • Invited populace to have logins to website; join council email list
  • New A&S entries for 2014; all the usual discussion of the amount of info to include on website (addresses, etc)
  • New officers - all usual changes
  • Fencing, dancing etc re-started. New plan: close off practices each Decemeber (start with end-date of c. Dec 5); the following year, clone, re-name old practice to, e.g. "fencing 2013", re-start with clean slate on exceptions, etc. Only current year gets to be unmarked, previous years get a year in title. Easier to keep old calendar entries vaguely accurate (for nostalgia/record-keeping), easier to deal with new entries.

Dec 2013

  • close down calendar entries over summer
  • set re-starts for February

Latter half of 2013

  • lots of booking forms
  • lots of event websites
  • lots of changes to calendar, general maintenance and updates
  • several officer changeovers
  • no stuctural changes

July 2013

  • Updated "pending announcements" view.
  • Updated descriptions/use-instructions for content types.
  • Separated out "stories" and "announcements" as content-types. Differ only in default setting for archiving, but will make for more intuitive instructions, easier identification of correct content-type (I hope). (Thanks for the idea, Patrick).
  • new regular activities for new fencing schedule (Tuesday/Wednesday)
  • webforms: a few more tweaks after the Bloth: added arrival and departure time (for all attendance categories): markup - enter 0 if you don't know membership number, etc

June 2013

  • Webform tweaks - non-member markup re martial activities, markup re auth for martial activities, shorten option names for activities, martial, billeting and transport and replace with markup. Reconsider all pages/fieldsets based on age conditionality. [Done for Bloth form]
  • Webform - "are you currently authorised" [Done for Bloth form]
  • webforms: make membership number non-compulsory, so people aren't tempted to register as non-members if they can't remember number
  • new Cluain website ready; waiting on approval from Cluain council to replace current website (will continue to develop, but at their request) (thanks, David)

May 2013

  • "blog" entries added to frontpage view - will display on front page in snippet form if "promoted to front page" is checked. This allows for entries that appear on the front page but then file themselves into one of the journals (e.g. a write-up of a fencing or dancing event can appear in the fencing or dancing journal, as well as on the front page for a period)
  • Website FAQ - updated answers for new text editor
  • FB page for group completed and opened (thanks, Eleanor)
  • Permissions: user profile expanded to include address and phone number info, and explicit consent (or not) for these to be used elsewhere on the website (e.g. for hosts of regular meetings). Blocks added to profile pages to define how and where personal information is accessible, how to change it, and what's required/optional. Also how to change consent for info to be made public.
  • A&S pages - tidied up, removed link to Baronial A&S championship (hasn't run recently), unpublished pages about championship
  • Made "contact@" email address (goes "chatelaine@ildhafn") as easy-to-spell email to hand out at demos, to journalists, etc. Also "enquiries@", "inquiries", "hello", "info". (Thanks, David).
  • Instructions for which URL and email address to use in promotional material
  • "What does Ildhafn mean" on newcomers FAQ
  • Invitation to request a login on the "login" page

April 2013

  • Added webform_reply_to module, so that the emails sent by webforms can have a non-spoofed From address (eg an event specific one), but if the user has supplied an email address (and they don't always!) it gets set in a Reply-To field, where appropriate.
  • Added note about how to get a login to "login" page. May put them somewhere else that is obvious, too.
  • Altered gallery default titles for new images to be based on the caption (if present) rather than the filename. (Edited /usr/share/gallery2/modules/core/ (thanks, David)
  • "copyright" link added to main menu: brief statement of current situation, to be revised when we choose a blanket license
  • @ildhafn email aliases: guidelines for use added to officer pages, and sent to council list (i.e. keep it to the intended purpose)
  • New regular event for Monday sewing
  • Cluain have requested Drupal website; it's underway (thanks David), awaiting more info about what they want (they have a list of features in use on the Ildhafn site to consider)
  • Revised newcomer material
  • Grouping/status of menu-items on right-hand toolbar - "newcomers" section as one item (others behind it) called "getting involved"; move forums under "group resources" and heraldry under "A&S"; maybe add music; link to awards from "people" and heraldry
  • "Look on the website" as footer to email on Ildhafn list and council list
  • Updated financial info (do again when reeve changes)
  • Tidied text editor: added workcount, removed a few buttons which duplicate functions
  • Section of this page for recurring "to do" items.
  • Cleaned up FAQ for newcomers
  • "See a problem with this page? Contact the webwright:" as footer on all pages (thanks for the idea, Ludwig).
  • Updated regular activities pages for new email aliases: e.g. danceclass@ildhafn. Replacement tags only for A&S host names and phone.
  • Event proposals view: only includes archivable stories (so "bookings close in a week" notices and the like shouldn't appear; but competition announcements and event write-ups should)
  • Views: re-enabled module allow quick route to view/block (administer - modules - administer by module - system: themes - enabled theme: configure -  show block editing on hover)
  • Pending stories: added notice of pending pages to block that appears when you clone or create a story.
  • Altered front page view: items only show up from their "authored on" date (so we can load e.g. cancellation notices in advance, but have them appear in a timely manner)
  • Recurring events for new A&S schedule (moving between three locations). Have asked Anna, Aesa and Caterine how much contact information they're willing to have online. Possibly use A&S minister email address, and add people who host A&S to those receiving it.

March 2013

  • FB - Nicola is working on a FB page for the group - keep it small, mostly to link back here
  • Text editor used really small font (update - fixed for most browsers - David)
  • Upcoming regular events now show up 3 days in advance instead of 2, at Ludwig's request.
  • Replacement tags: moved to below teaser on all regular activities so bug (see above) doesn't show up
  • Replacement tags updated for Seneschal and Herald; likewise address for council meeting
  • Webforms: standard webform improved, for Bloth: better conditionality, better spreadsheet output (thanks, David)
  • Webforms: checklist for updating a cloned webform mostly written
  • Use instructions: add "how to advertise a cancellation/proposals/etc" stuff - step by step guides for common announcements (thanks for the idea, Anna)

February 2013

  • Stewarding info: changed to form editable by whole group (with Caterine's permission); Caterine's stewarding pages are preserved in their original form in a clearly-labelled sub-section
  • Webforms:started including instructions for changing your submissions; notes for stewards to look for double entries
  • Officers: "notebook of office" for all officers, like this page, to generate handover notes (sounds like it might be popular) (see group resources - officers)
  • Officers: website/email/mailing-list instructions for all new officers (see group resources - officers)
  • C&I page moved from front page to A&S page
  • Reminders: changed "report" to "reminder" content-type, add reminders for the things we want to reconsider each January: the location of A&S Sunday, who takes meeting minutes.
  • Added Camp Sladdin photos to site-gallery
  • Fullscreen mode added to text editor (thanks, David)
  • Content-type descriptions: altered to reflect current practice, in more detail
  • NAAMA: approached Auckland Sword and Shield about NAAMA advertising on Ildhafn site
  • Full html: replaced "filtered html" with "full html" as default for most roles and most content types. Should avoid lots of minor frustrations.
  • View: taxonomy term - added a filter for "published" to stop unpublished personal projects showing up to all logged-in viewers
  • "Event proposals" list no longer manually updated, now a view generated from all items with the taxonomy term for a particular event. Most events in archives now tagged and included. Term added for "new proposal" for those not yet approved by council, and/or written before the webminister has added the term. Multiple tags ok - webwright will need to keep an eye one this, to make sure the "new" tags are removed.
  • New sub-gallery for event-site photos (taken during site-inspection visits) (thanks, David)
  • Frontpage text updated to emphasise current interests of active members.
  • Songbook links added to right-hand menu on music page
  • Links to songbooks checked and updated
  • "Create new revision" as default on webforms

January 2013

  • Music - finished adjusting content-type to include dance music, dance-music page public
  • Music backlink - corrected the default (to include dance music), manually replace on all existing content, delete old field - there's one missing space in the default - small formatting error, but a pain to correct.
  • Gathered portraits for more of the group, esp officers
  • Event-material grouping - taxonomy-term for each new event, applied to events+pages+stories+blog-entries, to tag as relevant to a particular event, to more easily group all material about an event (mostly useful for past events - review display).
  • Contact page - changed my photo, to one with laptop
  • Front page - moved one-sentence summary of What We Do to top; add it also to newcomers pages. Put group photo above teaser break.
  • Quarterly reports - "reports due" block appears on front page, only if you're logged in.
  • "booking form" for Baronial campsite at CF
  • This page added
  • "Music" content-typle split into two parts, for vocal music and Crescent Isles standard dance music, to allow a permanent location for CF ball music.

December 2012 and earlier

  • Opened "council list" to all interested members of Barony; minimal but enthusiastic response (2 people)(Dec 2012)
  • Katherina took over from William as web minister (Dec 2012)
  • Added content type "music", and re-did music page (old page is still there, just unpublished) to make singing resources easier to find and maintain (Nov 2012)
  • New text editor (late 2012)
  • Started using drupal forms for event bookings (July 2012)