Cecilia's Essential SCA Songbook

This songbook contains songs that I think you "need to know" in our area of the SCA. These are the songs that everybody already seems to know at events

It contains the lyrics and sheet music. The first section are documented to period(ish) ie no later than Ravenscroft (1611). The "After Midnight" section are traditional, folk or documented later, separated so that it is a conscious choice.

This is a the final version of this book.*

Cecilia's Songbook: pdf

Cecilia's songbook midis: zip

Cecilia's songbook Melody Assistant files: zip

"Melody Assistant" includes "Virtual Singer" that will sing the songs for you to listen to and learn.

* Some errors were found so for copies from before 21 March 2006 here are the errata files.

The midi for Robin Hood, Robin Hood

The pages for Three Country Dances and Greensleeves