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Awesome progress!

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on June 9, 2013 - 6:09pm
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We opened with the classic Jubilate Deo - as usual, starting in unison and then splitting into five parts.

We then tried something new, with the person that started singing one extra repeat so that we ended with the same person that began.After a run through Rodrigo Martinez, where we learnt all of the rest of the words, we moved onto the Contrapunto Bestiale. Right off the top, we had an excellent run through, followed up by another two renditions - playing with dynamics a bit more. Then we did a bit of solid practice on a few bits, followed by one more really good run through!

We also had a solid practice of My love hath vowed, starting slowly and bringing it back up to ramming speed. The D-sharp in the soprano line continues to cause some trouble, but it's coming on. We'll refine the dynamics next week.

Then we finished off with a few rounds of Lauda, again playing with the dynamics - and even singing it without the music in front of us!

Present: Katherina Weyssin, Caterine de Vantier, William de Cameron, Eleanor Hall, Emrys Twdr, Cecilia Lyon

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