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Darton Collegium

Submitted by Christine Bess ... on June 5, 2013 - 10:28am

Queen's Birthday weekend this year saw three intrepid travellers from Ildhafn head down to the Darton Collegate. 

Thanks to the kindness and forethought of Lady Elanor Hall hiring a car.... both Ludwig and I were plucked from the airport and whisked away to two days of learning interesting things, and spending time with new and old friends.

There were a range of A and S classes offered where people could try their hand at bookbinding, fingerloop braiding, singing, perfume making and many other things besides. 

We were lucky enough also to have a special visitor from the Barony of Rowany, Mistress FilippaGinevra Francesca di Luciganano - who shared her knowledge and expertise to all without reservation. 

There was some good fighting done on the Sunday and the wind kept us on our toes urging us to fight more just to stay warm!

The feast on the Saturday night headed by Master Stefano da Urbino was beautiful and it was so lovely to see so many new people trying the SCA for the first time down there.

Thank you to everyone involved, it was a good two days enjoyed by all.


Christine Bess Duvaunt.




I had a great time working on my Italian rapier with the Darton fencers, and enjoyed (?!) being bounced around the field by Gordon while we played Longswords.

Playing Carcassonne and drinking margaritas whilst waiting for our flights was a great end to the weekend.

It was a good weekend and a nice chance to visit another group outside our Barony in the Crescent Isles (something I have not personally done since I came to Ildhafn)


It was great to meet new people, I think every feast hall should have a 90 second dish washer Oh! and the food was amazing!