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Collation 2013 - Proposal

Date & Time: Saturday 12th January 2013, from midday, with an open end time pending weather, activities, and enthusiasm.
Event name: A collation in honour of St Benedict Biscop
Event steward/caterer: Shannon Wanty
Co-caterer: Nadia Benton
Site: Beach Haven beach picnic area
Cost: $13 members, $15 non-members, children $1 per year of age.

What it is:
Essentially, a catered picnic.

This will be a 16th century Italian Scappi-style collation, which is a light meal composed entirely of cold foods, served buffet-style - ideal for a summer's day picnic. I would normally baulk at the idea of a steward and cook being the same person, except for the fact that everything is prepared ahead of time and served cold, and I will have help in the preparation. The main duties on the day for me as steward will be to set up lunch under a tree, put up some banners, take money, and direct any activities that take place. That being said, if anyone would like to volunteer as a deputy steward, it would be most welcome.

The date happens to be the Saint's Day of St Benedict Biscop, patron saint of collectors. My Directory of Saints informs me that he was a Northumbrian man, living in the years 628-690, who founded two monasteries before heading off overseas to travel extensively. From his travels, he returned with many impressive paintings, relics, books, and glassworks, as well as a chorus instructor from St Peter's, in order to teach his choir the Roman style of song.

I am keen to organise some activities and/or a competition at the event that tie in with the theme of collecting/collections and St Benedict. Some singing seems like a nice, obvious choice. I will consider all suggestions for appropriate activities/competitions. :-)

$12 per head for food & any clean up gear (e.g. a rubbish bag), $1 for Kingdom Levy. $2 Event Membership for non-members.

Rain plan:
In the event of wet weather, the event will be held on Sunday, 13th January 2013 at the Beach Haven beach picnic area.
In the event of wet weather on the 13th, A&S Sunday will occur as normal at Al & Mel's house, and all those that have paid to attend the event will be welcome to partake of the food after. Al and Mel are happy with this arrangement.

Bookings: By email to me as steward. Bookings to close Saturday 5th of January. Those that book but fail to attend and do not give appropriate notice will be expected to pay for their place.