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Somervell Coffee Concert

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on May 6, 2012 - 12:29pm

IMG_6739This Saturday some of Ildhafn's dancers performed in the Coffee Concert at Somervell Presbyterian Church. There are some photographs here, and I hope to add video soon.


  • Katherina Weyssin
  • William de Cameron
  • Katherine of Glastonbury
  • Anna de Wilde
  • Caterine de Vantier

with help from:

  • Ludwig von Regensburg (sound)
  • Eleanor Hall (photography)

(Thanks also to William de Wyke, who was to be our photographer, but who had to pull out at the last minute).

We performed a 20-minute set of renaissance dances, some of them old favourites, some newly rehearsed for this performance.

  • Branle Pinagay (all)
  • Contentezza d'Amore (Katherina and William)
  • Bella Gioiosa (Anna, Caterine, Katherine)
  • La Nizzarda (Katherina and William)
  • Petit Riens (Katherine, Anna, Caterine)
  • Chiara Stella (Katherine and William, Katherine and Caterine)
  • Branle Charlotte (all)

We were preceded in the concert by a Chamber Ensemble, and followed by John Carter on the organ.

Program for the concert here.

Our detailed rehearsal notes here.


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