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Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona

Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona was known as Caterine de Vantier until mid-2013.

I have my own website, which can be found here. I imagine I will eventually migrate all my stuff to all be in the one location - when I get around to it....

Lady Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona is a 16th century Northern Italian lady. She was previously known as Lady Caterine de Vantier, a late 16th century Northern French or Flemish woman.

I take an interest in just about anything that I come across. However, I am specifically more focused in researching 16th century Italian cooking, 16th century candy making, herbs and plants (in a cooking and historical sense, NOT a naturopathic one),16th century clothing (women's, French court, Italian, Flemish working/middle class, English), gaming and gambling, period decorative styles and embellishment techniques (mostly on clothing and furniture), bobbin lace, and the occasional foray into a bit of embroidery when I forget that while I like working out patterns, I dislike the time commitment to actually producing finished embroidery. One day I would like to explore the 15th century too, but the 16th century just has so much stuff in it that I haven't quite made it there yet.

I currently hold the office of Herald of Ildhafn City. I have previously held the roles of Reeve and of A&S Officer.


One of the things I spend quite a lot of time on at the moment is translating period sources - mostly 16th century Italian recipes, or Nostradamus' candy recipes, into English. They used to be available on this website, however, I have now migrated them across to my personal website.


Less of a redaction, just a plain outright experiment, my attempt to create Sorbetto.

Recipe Trialling of three tortellini recipes.

Recipe Trialling: Eggplant Recipes.

Recipe Trialling: Meatballs, and Rice & Cheese.

Recipe Trialling: Stuffed Leg of Lamb.

Recipe Trialling: Three Serves of Asparagus.

Recipe Trialling: Two Date Tortes.

Midwinter Coronation Feast 2010 - I wrote this up to enter in the feast competition for November Crown 2011.

Canterbury Faire Feast 2012.

I cooked the feast at Canterbury Faire this year. A lot of the recipes that I have been working on translating above and redacting happened because I wanted to feature them on the menu.

The menu can be found here.

My write up of the feast, as well as my working document for the feast (containing original recipes, ingredient lists & quantities for the feast, and cooking instructions), can be found here.

Other Projects

A Venetian Flag Fan for Lady Anna de Wilde for her birthday