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Wednesday (Meyer)

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on March 23, 2011 - 12:00am

Lesson plan: Rapier based on Meyer.  Development of multi-part attack and response drills, starting well out of measure.  Discussion of fencing theory.

Started with the usual footwork practice.


Exercise 1: To review lunge basics, checking if head and upper body is protected by hilt.

A steps into measure and lunges against B.  B does not defend, but merely attempts to hit A over the hilt.

Perform both inside (hand in fourth), and outside (both hand in fourth and hand in second).

This was performed with A in mask (B can better observe and provide feedback)


Exercise 2: Review basic attack and defend, practise range estimation, practise recovering after lunge.

Incremental drill (slowly add steps to build a long sequence): A & B in Eisenport. 

1. A approaches B.  B lunges when A comes into measure.

2. A parries B's lunge.

3. A counter-attacks (start with thrusts, then try cuts).

4. B attempts to avoid A's riposte by recovering.

Both A and B in masks.

Reviewed and practised defence against attacks to the lower openings by Sperren (barring) followed by groin thrust.

Reviewed and practised Dempflen (suppressing) cut from Alber introduced last week.  According to text, suppressing cuts (in general) should be performed with step on right foot.  Most people found that hard to execute in time, tended to cut onto the weak of opponent's blade with step on left.  Still a reasonable defence.

Used sample play from last week (Entering with an Oberhau to the weak of opponent's blade, opponent disengages leaving attacker in Alber, opponent lunges at right shoulder triggering the above mentioned defence) as example of Meyer's three cut classification: Provoker, Taker, Hitter.

Discussed how opponent's footwork would alter the above play (disengage should be accompanied by movement of the feet).

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