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Booking form September Medieval Workshop Weekend 2022

Medieval Workshop Weekend

Saturday September 24th and Sundy September 25th 2022

10-4pm both days

Minerva Scout Hall 563 Pakuranga Rd (plenty of parking and on a major bus route)

Howick 2010

New Zealand

Highland Park, Bucklands Beach


This is a weekend for people to come along and sew, learn and interact. If you need help with a hem, or space to cut out large things, if you want to pick other people's brains or get help patterning something, then come along and enjoy the company. 


We are providing space, tables, chairs and a few sewing machines. Please bring anything you might need to do with your own projects and if you would like to offer a class, or want to learn about something specific please put it on the booking form below or contact Christine (Chantelle) on


New people are welcome (and encouraged) and masks are encouraged due to the indoor nature of the event. 


Tea and coffee with be provided. There are two supermarkets within 5 minutes walking distance as well as many other options for pre-made food. If there is interest, shared food at either a local pub or someone's house will take place Saturday night. 


Please book we can help cater the event to people's needs and numbers on the days etc. so please fill in the form and let us know what you want! 



Christine (Chantelle)

Booking details

Please fill out a separate form for everyone coming to the event (except kids under 5).


You can come without your parents, but you need a Nominated Caregiver (an adult at the event - who is acceptable to your parents - who can be responsible for you in an emergency).

The SCANZ policy on participation by Children and Young Persons has details.

Adult responsible (a parent, guardian or nominated caregiver): *


You can join the SCA now and avoid the hassle of event-membership.

Would you be interested in a pub night on the Saturday?
If you would like to offer a class for the weekend workshop, please indicate what you would like to teach in the box provided.
Would you like to take part in a basic tunic/dress making workshop at 10:30 am on the Saturday?
Would you like to take part in a dance class?
Would you like to take part in singing on the Saturday at 11.30am?
Do you want any particualr help or classes taught?
Please give an indication of what you would like help with, and contact Chantelle ahead of time if you would like to pattern a particular period etc. (so that research can be done in advance etc.)