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Ildhafn A&S Poll 2021

Have your say on Arts and Sciences activities


Your Arts and Sciences officers, Griete van Groningen and Mærwynn æt Mædwe, would like to better understand the interests and skills of the populace of our Barony so that we may facilitate and encourage the arts and sciences.  We have also opened this survey up to the wider Crescent Isles and will share the information with the A&S Officers in each group as well as seeing what opportunities there are to facilitate the arts and sciences between groups.

Wed greatly appreciate it if you could fill in the short survey below and let us know what you are interested in learning, helping other people to learn, or would like to do more of within the arts and sciences. Well use this information to plan arts and sciences activities and to put people in touch with those who share an interest.

The survey is open till the end of March 2021.

Arts and sciences encompass all of the non-martial arts.  E.g. music, making clothing, cooking, brewing, painting, calligraphy, illumination, making parchment, woodwork, blacksmithing, research, dancing, storytelling, making arrows, making armour, pottery, wood turning, carving, spinning, weaving, dyeing, embroidery, and many other things.




Question 1

What topics in the arts and sciences are you currently interested in learning about? 


Question 1a

Are there any particular topics you would like to see to help you create an entry for the Ildhafn Performing Arts Challenge? (e.g. a class on writing a song, or a dance, or storytelling etc)


Question 2

What arts or sciences do you have experience in that you would be willing to teach, or help someone get started with.  Please let us know your level of experience with each.

Question 3

What arts or sciences would you like to do more of with other people (i.e. not necessarily teach or learn)?

Question 4

Do you have any ideas for arts and sciences projects that you would like to get people involved in?  For example, making something for the group, such as a banner, furniture, garb, etc… or trying out a new thing that requires multiple people to do, or that would just be more fun to do with others.

Question 5

Which SCA Group do you belong to? e.g. Ildhafn, Darton, Gildenwick etc...

Question 6

Please provide your name and contact details so we can get in touch with you.