St Sebastians 2018

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The annual St Sebastian's tournament was held on the 4th March. There were 3 categories being shot at the same time. The Ildhafn Champion for the highest scoring resident of the Barony, The Golden Arrow Champion for the highest scoring longbowman and the overall St Sebastian's Champion

March, 2018
Tournament type: 
Shortened IKAC

Winner of all categories was Trudy Knibbs with 96 points

2nd place to Robyn atta May with 77 points

joint 3rd to Luan an Feal and Bernard Sterling with 67 points


Bernard Sterling of Darton shooting Longbow

Sympkyn of the Moor, Baron of Ildhafn shooting Longbow

Trudy Knibbs of Cluain Shooting Longbow

Geffrey de Wolf 0f Cluain shooting Longbow

Gareth Robertson of Cluain shooting Longbow

Tailltiu, Queen of Lochac shooting Longbow

Angele de Savigny of Darton shooting Longbow

Luan an Fael of Darton shooting Longbow

Albert Bossard of Cluain shooting Longbow

Keith Muckaway of Cluain shooting Longbow

Robyn atta May of Darton shooting Recurve bow

Lady Clarel of Southron Gaard shooting Longbow

Tessa of Southron Gaard shooting Recurve bow

Sir Asbjorn of Darton shooting Longbow

Edward Braythwayte of Cluain shooting Longbow

Alexander Wulfgar of Cluain shooting Longbow