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Council meeting preferences for 2016

Likely times:

  • Sunday day (finished by about 5pm)
  • Sunday evening (start at 6pm or later)
  • Wednesday evening (start at 7pm or later)

Things to include under "comments"

  • ideal times for you that aren't listed above (esp. if none of those suit you)
  • strong preferences about where we hold it
  • other make-or-break factors for you
  • thoughts on how to combine it with a monthly A&S, if relevant - would you prefer before, after or during; does it matter if the venue changes; ideas on how to cover the cost (if any), etc
  • anything else you want to say, of course


Assume it's at a time and place that suits you reasonably well. I'm more interested in what you want to do this year than what you have done in the past - jumping in is fine, so is stepping back.
Yep, works well for meInconvenient, but manageableI couldn't attend
Sunday daytime, finish by 5pm
Sunday evening, start 6pm or later
Wednesday evening, start 7pm or later