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Dance Class

Classes on renaissance dances from Italy, France and England. These weekly practices have something to suit all skill levels, with the evening divided into two hour-long blocks: from 7:30-8:30pm, the class is open to all comers; from 8:40 onwards, the experienced dancers rehearse more complex works or study more difficult steps.


Teacher: Katherine Davies (aka Katherina Weyssin) with help from her more experienced students

Note: these are private classes run by Katherine. They're open to anyone with an interest in renaissance dance, though they're aimed primarily at re-enactors, especially SCA folk. 

Although the Barony of Ildhafn advertises these classes (thank you!) they're not an official SCA event: Katherine books the venues, chooses the material, etc. 

Open/Beginner class, 7:30-8:30pm


For the first hour I suit the dances to the experience level of all attending, usually keeping to simpler material. Everyone is welcome: no experience is needed, nor do you need a partner, special shoes or clothes, or anything but enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

We do Branles (circle dances) from 16th century France, stately Pavanes and Almains from Shakespearian England, graceful Balli from renaissance Italy, and more. 

I'm happy to work within your physical contraints (e.g. to avoid high-impact dances for those with dodgy knees), and go at whatever pace is comfortable.

Advanced class, 8:40-9:30pm

During the second hour, the more experienced dancers work on a more difficult dances or steps, reconstruct something new, or rehearse for a performance.

All are welcome to watch, but you'll need a  solid knowledge of renaissance dancing technique and vocabulary to participate. Sometimes, these classes will be physically challenging: high-impact, and requiring reasonably good balance, fitness and strength.

There's no extra charge for the second hour, but I do expect people to attend the first hour too, whenever possible.

For more information about what we do see Katherine's website.

Class notes are posted weekly to Katherine's website. (Older class notes, to 2014, can be found here). 

Changes and cancellations are on Katherine's website, here, and on the Ildhafn mailing list. She also tries to contact regular attendees directly, where possible.

Contact:  0272 282 977 (Katherine) or

Event Date and Time: 
Repeats every week until Mon Jun 01 2015 except Tue May 31 2011, Tue Oct 18 2011, Tue Oct 25 2011, Tue Nov 01 2011, Tue Nov 08 2011, Tue Nov 15 2011, Tue Nov 22 2011, Wed Nov 23 2011, Fri Nov 25 2011, Tue Nov 29 2011, Tue Dec 06 2011, Tue Dec 13 2011, Tue Dec 20 2011, Tue Jan 24 2012, Mon Oct 29 2012, Mon Nov 12 2012, Mon Nov 26 2012, Mon Dec 10 2012, Mon Dec 24 2012, Tue Feb 05 2013, Sun May 19 2013, Sun Jun 02 2013, Mon Jul 01 2013, Fri Apr 18 2014, Mon Apr 27 2015, Tue May 19 2015. Also includes Fri Jul 01 2011.