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Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona: Name & Device

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Vettoria wants to register her 16th century Italian name, and her device. The device is "argent, fretty gules, on a fess gules, three plates".

The name is unique. There are two registered names using "Vettoria" as the first name, a bunch more with "Vittoria", but the surnames are all different. A few people use "di Giovanni" either as a surname or as a component of a surname, but none in combination with "da Verona". No-one uses either "Vettoria di Giovanni" or "Vettoria da Verona" or any variant spellings, so the name does not conflict with any registered.

Device conflict checking:

Fretty refers you to "fret".

Fret - Gules: There are seven iterations of "argent fretty gules" registered, but all have multiple significant differences so do not conflict.

There are a further four devices registered that feature "argent, a fret gules", but again all have several points of difference so do not conflict