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Alexandra de Santiago: Device Only

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Alexandra de Santiago wishes to register her device against her previously registered name. The device was put together by Benedict, but it has now been four years since this was done, so I will recheck it for conflict prior to submission.

The device is "Quarterly vert and argent, a cross of Santiago Or and a bordure counterchanged".

Conflict checked against:

Field Division - Quarterly - Vert - and argent: Possible conflict with "Quarterly vert and argent, a Bowen cross within a bordure embattled counterchanged". However, the two crosses are different colours and the bordure has a treatment so I believe this creates two points of difference. I'm unsure, but the Bowen cross is very distinctive and quite different to the cross of Santiago, so this may be a point of difference as well.

Also possible conflict with "Quarterly vert and argent, a Latin cross fleury counterchanged, on a chief sable three fleurs-de-lys argent". However, while the cross is closer in appearance to the cross of Santiago, again the colours used are different, and there's another charge in chief on this one, and Alexandra's device has a bordure.

There are a bunch more devices featuring "quarterly vert and argent" and a central cross, however, all have a different secondary charge, many are counterchanged vert and argent, and none have the bordure, so there is no conflict.

Bordure - Uncharged - Plain line - Multicolour - argent - and vert: Possible conflict with "Quarterly argent and vert, a cross moline within a bordure counterchanged." However, the quartering is different (argent and vert vs vert and argent), and the crosses are different in colour, so I don't think this conflicts.

"Quarterly vert and argent crusilly fitchy counterchanged, a bordure quarterly argent and vert." Possible conflict, but I think it is alright as this device has a background treatment of crosses instead of a main charge of a cross, and they are different colours.

Cross - As charge - Sole Primary - Or: No conflicts.