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Amira de Kent: name & device

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Amira would like to register both name and device for her 14th century English persona.

Name and device constructed/designed by Bridhde. Bridhde sent through the following on Amira's name: "I've done some digging and I can't seem to find what website I got Amira from.  De Kent pretty standard...blah blah of Kent, since her persona is originally from Kent.  The Amira was definitely on one of the research sites, in some list of recorded female given names from our time period, but for the life of me I don't know what that site was. Sorry."

Name: I did a thorough search of articles relating to 13th century English names. I was able to find "Amira" listed in an Index of names attested to between 1250 and 1450. This is also on the Lochac College of Arms website. However, the name was attested as existing in Staney in 1328. A quick search of google maps revealed that Staney is at the very Northern end of England, so I don't know how likely it is that someone from Kent would have used that name. Amice or Amicia appear to be far more widely spread through the south of England for the period.

"De Kent" follows a standard locative pattern of the time, as per Uckelman's article on bynames in early 14th century London, and also Talan Gwynek's article on Medieval bynames.

þorfinn advised the following on the surname:

"R&W,3ed, p 263 cites "de Kent" from 1165 and "Kent" from 1296
Withycombe, p 17, sn Almeric(m): has 'Amauri" from 1189
also p 20,sn Amy: "Amya" from 1273, "Amia" from C13 and Amata
and p 19,sn Amelia: as "Amilia" from 1205"

I confirmed via the Herald's mailing list that the name would be registerable as Amira de Kent as both elements are identifiable as names belonging to the same country in the required period.

There are four name registrations using "Amira" as the first name. Two are Arabic, one is Italian, and the last one is registered with the surname listed as "of Raven's Cove", a Barony in Atlanta. There are another four name registrations using "de Kent" as the surname. Two are masculine, and the other two have completely different first names. I'm comfortable that this name is unique.

Device: Purpure, on a fess between three owls argent, three bouquets of three lavender stems proper.

Conflict checking:

Fess - 1- Charged - Plain Line - Argent: one possible conflict which isn't actually a conflict because it's one bunch of flowers vs. three, the flowers on the other device are reversed, and the basic colour of the device is different (azure vs purpure). Another possible conflict featured a fess argent between three martlets, however, again the main colour of the device is different (azure vs purpure) and also the metal of the birds is different (or instead of argent), and the charge of the fess is different (three hearts gules). The only other device with a fess argent and three birds as the main charge also doesn't conflict as the main colour of the device is sable, and the fess is treated with fretty azure but uncharged.

Bird - Whole - 3 or more: Possible conflict with "purpure, a fess barry argent and sable between three larks argent". However, I don't think this conflicts as the fess is quite different on each.

Flower - Multifloreted: Nothing of conflict.

Plant - Herb: Nothing of conflict.