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Event Report: Festival

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on April 28, 2011 - 9:06pm

With Katherina and myself, William de Cameron, Rudiger and Alyenora, Anna, Svartr and Maerwynn all attending Festival this year there was a strong Ildhafn presence.  Katherina, William, Anna and I enjoyed the hospitality of the Moralez/Beaumont camp - surely the best location on site.

Friday, William and I participated in the Queen's Glove Tourney.  My first two draws were Guildmasters (ouch), but my final one was none other than His Majesty, who had just authorised in Rapier combat.  Modesty forbids me to mention the result.  Anna entered Laurel Prize Tourney, resulting in her being hunted down by Master Ibn Jelal for her excellent translation skills.

Katherina was safely installed as Kingdom Seneschal.  Bartholomew was standing noticeable straighter after passing the office on, pausing only to caper as he returned to his seat.  The Crown's decision to reward him with an augmentation of arms was clearly popular (what else do you give the Peer who has everything?).  Katherina then disappeared into the Land of Meetings for the rest of the event. 

That night was the Good Friday Ball.  I stopped by for an alman and a couple of bransles and noticed the Ildhafn Dancers and a couple of Like-Minded PeopleTM performing cascarde to any vaguely appropriate music.  The torch-light tourney was being held next door, heavies fighting it out by the light of giant gas torches.  I caught up with Katherina at the vigil for her Pelicaning.  Peers imparted wisdom and former Seneschal Del suggested places to hide the bodies while Gregory Tortouse fed us pasties (yum).

Saturday was Market Day where William and Katherina let out their inner bower birds.  It was, of course, also Crown Tourney.  Our Barony's entrant, Svartr Ormsson, aquitted himself most nobly against formidable opponents, first Wulfgar Jarnsithr then Duke Cornelius.  Don William and I, cider in hand, offered from the side-lines much valuable advice to the combatants.  Cornelius went on to win the tourney in a tense fight with Count Berengar.  That evening I escorted our new Kingdom Seneschal to the lavish victory feast put on by House Attica.  Rudiger and Alyenora, as our incoming Baron and Baroness, were also there, receiving much valuable advice from the many pointy-hats present. 

Sunday night was the fighter auction.  The crowded, noisy tavern brought back memories of my first festival, when I was a drunken College student.  As far as I can recall, everyone was purchased by Sean the Bastard.  Next door, Katherina and William were deeply ensconced in Mediaeval Jeopardy with Baron Giles.  Walking out into the soupy night, the singing from Abbotsford was inviting.  His Majesty forbade William, Katherina and me from congregating in public.  We were just standing there, it's a free world!  Ah, except it's not.

Monday, the day I had set aside entirely for fencing, was rained out.  The weather occasionally taunted me with a dry spell, only to start up again when my defences were down.  The heavies bravely fought it out -- I don't know if Sean was watching his purchases as I wasn't there.  Anna, Del, Gilbert and I played tarock in the wine bar.  The wine bar, by the way, offered an amazing range of desirable products at very reasonable prices.  Three cheers.

Thanks to the organisers for a great event and to the Moralez/Beaumont household for their great hospitality and frighteningly well-run campsite, and special thanks to Miles and Mendoza for gettting us to and from site.


Obviously I mentioned everything that happened over the long weekend, but if anyone wants to dispute the completeness of this report I can't stop them posting additions in the comments section.

You forgot the Caroso Ball on Sunday afternoon! Lots and lots of wonderful dancing to gorgeous music, and still not nearly enough: a galliard in the Lyonaisse style, Chiara Stella, La Castellana, Amoroso, Rostiboli Gioioso, Gracca Amorosa, a beautiful Pavane (thank you, Collette, for reminding me how much I like improvised Pavanes, and inspiring me to include galliard variations with my solemnity, as our good Master Arbeau recommends), Ly Bens Distonys and more. And some curious English dances of a form not familiar to my Italianate eyes - perhaps they are a new fashion?


Whilst some were present in their Majesties encampment; others were welcomed equally into the Northern Reaches Encampment.

Rudiger, Alyenora, Maerwynn and myself (Svartr) were entertained by members of St Florian de la Riviere, River Haven and associated groups duly represented.

Her Excellency Baroness Bianca was most helpful leading up to the event ensuring we had a roofs over our heads and food in our bellies.

Yay for the St Florian food fund and the magnanimity of the Northern Reaches encampment!

Thanks to this we enjoyed sumptuous meals each day under the attentive direction of Master Drake (Drakey) and Mistress Acacia - all cooked upon a gas stove set up to gas bottles and backed up by gas hot water and hot showers!

My lady and I spent a leisurely day on Friday getting to know members of our encampment better; all the while preparing for the following days event.

On Saturday we frequented the market, did a little dancing and then made ready for the crown tournament; for me the main event...

With many thanks to Lord Rudiger and his own prior experience in such tournaments Lady Maerwynn and I were able to concentrate more on the task at hand.

As has been mentioned I was knocked out in the second round by His Grace (later Highness) - Next time my lady, next time...

War was held on the Sunday with some eventful and memorable moments occurring - involving a last stand, collision with a count, and a lightening peppering from Sir Yves with 5 seconds remaining to name a few...

On the Monday the Fighter Auction Tourney saw a 3 way round robin final fought between Berengar (the eventual victor), Draco (who rocked all the way for 2nd) and Theuderic who faltered only at the last with scissors for 3rd...

For those not sure what I'm referring to above; 2nd and 3rd were decided by 3 rounds of rock, paper, scissors.

In closing I too pass on thanks to our new friends in St Florian de la Riviere and River Haven and also to the Festival stewards from a first time attendee it was simply AWESOME!

It was, indeed, an honour to be appointed to this prestigious order.  My happiness at the invitation was surpassed only by my joy at finding my way back to camp without falling in the river even once!