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Booking form for St Valentine's Massacre 2021

Come enjoy good company, revelry, music, games, dancing!


  • Adults: $10 for an adult SCA member, $12 for non-members
  • Student/Community Service Card holders: $3 for SCA Members, $5 for Non-members
  • youth 14 years and under: $5
  • Under 5: Free
  • PLUS a plate for the pot-luck dinner

Payment by direct deposit please, otherwise pay at the door. Don't forget your offering for the pot-luck dinner!

Booking details

Please fill out a separate form for everyone coming to the event (except kids under 5).

Tick this box if you are a Student or Community Services card holder.

You can come without your parents, but you need a Nominated Caregiver (an adult at the event - who is acceptable to your parents - who can be responsible for you in an emergency).

The SCANZ policy on participation by Children and Young Persons has details.

Adult responsible (a parent, guardian or nominated caregiver): *

Which overseas SCA organisation are you a member of? (Ignore if you are a SCANZ member only)

You can join the SCA now and avoid the hassle of event-membership.

If this will be your first event and you'd like someone to contact you beforehand, please tick this box. This is a costumed event, you must make an attempt at pre-17th century garb. If you need to borrow something to wear (a tabard over modern clothes at least), or feasting kit (bowl, plate, spoon, knife, cup) then please let the steward know and we will help you prepare for your historical experience!

Singers, musicians, players, tumblers, dancers, orators and weasel-jugglers: show us your stuff!

Volunteering here isn't a binding commitment, it just means we'll make sure you get the opportunity to perform on the night if you want to. Impromptu performances are welcome too.

And if you would like to offer to join in and play music for the dancing, please let us know. 


What dish are you thinking of bringing to the Potluck?
(You don't have to know, but it helps us give people ideas for what to bring if we know what everyone else is bringing.) 
If you would like help, please write "Help" and we'll try to guide you with recipes to your skill level.
If you're flying from another city for the event, you can write "Flying" and we'll arrange a cook you can pay to bring a plate for you.

Please let us know if you can offer a lift to one or more people. This will not commit you unduly - if anyone requests assistance with transport, we will be in touch to discuss options and see if it's convenient for you.
Do you need help getting to the event? We cannot guarantee a ride but we will try to arrange one if we can! We'll be in touch to discuss once we know who is offering carpooling options.

Anything else?

Suggestions, requests, offers all welcome. Any constructive criticism should be put into sonnet form, and performed on the night.